DDOS Mitigation Service DDOS Mitigation Service

DDOS Mitigation Service

1Tbps + DDoS Scrubbing Solution!

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DDOS Mitigation Service

With Strategically Located DDoS Cleansing Centers and 1Tbps+ IP Transit Backbone Capacity, RAKsmart DDoS Migration Solution Detects, Migrates and Cleanses Layer 3/4 Attacks As Well As Effectively Protects Against The Hard To Detect Layer 7 Attacks. Augmented By Intelligent DDoS Migration Algorithm, Our NoC/SoC Operates 24x7 To Ensure Your Applications Are Undisturbed By DDoS Attacks. Remote DDoS Protection Is Also Available For Clients Who Needs Mitigation Services Outside Of RAKsmart Data Centers

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Global data center network expands global business

Our data centers are all over the world, with excellent geographical redundancy, ideal optimization of delay, and the largest optical fiber docking. The data centers are all operators' neutral data centers, which are provided by top providers

Block any type of DDoS attack

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