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About RAKsmart

        Located at the heart of San Jose, CA (United States) and steeped in the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, RAKsmart offers the cutting edge services to our global customers honed over our 13 years of Internet and Cloud Service operational excellence. As part of the PEG TECH INC, we are proud of the quality and reliability of our services optimized through our best practices in data center and infrastructure management.
        RAKsmart's data centers are located in strategic locations, With a global network of 10Tbps Backbone and 1Tbps+ DDOS mitigation solution, we provide a rich portfolio of IaaS and PaaS services .
        In collaboration with multiple top-tier public cloud operators, RAKsmart builds top-notch cloud-native integration capabilities, achieving connectivity between public clouds, private clouds, and bare metal clouds. We offer high-speed, stable, secure, reliable, and scalable public cloud and bare metal cloud products.
        RAKsmart partner with top-tier global ISPs (e.g. Google, Any2 Exchange, Equinix Exchange, HE, GTT, NTT, COGENT, TELIA, CU, CN, CM, and more) to offer customized connectivity solutions such as Premium Network, Continental Optimization, International BGP, and CN2 Only.
        We provide bilingual customer support in English and Chinese 24x7, through our follow-the-sun operation centers to ensure the best customer service experience globally. 

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