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API Documentation

The RAKsmart API interface refers to the interface provided by RAKsmart to its agents, allowing them to interact with RAKsmart's platform data through APIs. This enables agents to offer additional features and product services, enhance user experience, and improve sales performance.

Furthermore, by integrating with RAKsmart's API, agents can effectively sell and manage products such as physical servers, cloud servers, VPS, bare metal cloud, cloud phones, and more, thereby better meeting consumer needs.

Benefits of API integration:

• Convenient product management: Through API integration, agents can access real-time product information from the RAKsmart platform, including product names, prices, stock availability, etc. This facilitates centralized product management and makes it easier to use.

• Flexible reselling options: Users can choose products according to their own needs and set their own prices, offering more flexibility in reselling.

• Enhanced user experience: API integration allows the platform to provide richer services to its customers, optimizing the user experience.

• Trustworthy platform: With over 10 years of experience in the IDC industry and abundant resources, RAKsmart provides reliable solutions.

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